Work is very full-on, as I knew it would be. I am trying to satisfy my commercial clients and pay some bills in time to resume working at the world’s most horrible company next week.

Despite my packed schedule, I’ve managed to form a relationship with someone who isn’t the Person Who I Am Illicitly In Love With, so I thought I should quickly come online and share the good news while there is some.

I have a new companion. We have had three dates and are enjoying each other. He is a tall Scandinavian scientist. He is actually 33, I knew this before I met him. Then I immediately forgot and for some reason in my head he became 28. Then I started talking to him like a 28 year old and saying things like ‘don’t trust anyone over 30’ and ‘try not to grow up’. He didn’t correct me, which I find very amusing. I only realised my mistake yesterday. LOL.

Anyway so there we go, there is a new romance. So far so good. He’s now out of the country for about 3 weeks so I will report more news when I have it. This is just what I needed and I bought a new ultra-boosting bra to celebrate.

Tippa Irie: Hello Darling (1985)

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