The Entertaining Book Shop

I just awoke from an actual nightmare about having to go back to work at that HORRIBLE job. Oh god, I don’t want to go. It is horrible. I am focusing on the fact that they are going to make 20 people redundant. It can’t happen fast enough. I wish they would make me redundant but I will have to stick it out for another year before I’m entitled to any redundancy pay. I’ve just looked at the financial forecast for that company and we are forecasted to lose 8% of our revenue in the coming 12 months because of lost customers because it is a TERRIBLE COMPANY. I wonder how many of our staff even read those figures. I bet they stop reading when it gets to the numbers. Maths is hard.

Now I’m awake I have to go and see my newest and richest client about even more new work. FFS. If they want me to go abroad again it’s going to be very hard to turn that down in light of the competition. Hopefully I can do the work in the UK, fingers crossed.

Here’s a South African photo to cheer us up. It is a book shop. Just to make it even better, it is a CHRISTIAN book shop. How much do you love that? It is at the Gateway mall in Durban, if you want to go.



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