Gloria and the Herbalists


A rare sighting of your loyal correspondent. That’s me on the right, chatting to two boys. They are selling African medicinal herbs and are very knowledgeable. They are in some famous gardens that I’ll tell you about later that surround the art museum in Cape Town, which is that white building behind us. Table Mountain is the background. Nice shot, huh. How often do people take photos of you from behind with both Rastas and famous landmarks in shot? Not very, that’s how often.

There will be a lot more photos in due course, I think I shot 1,400 in total, most of them boring work shots but also a lot of stuff that you will like. It takes time to sort through that many photos, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the last few days, so I can get my work report written.

While sorting photos, I’ve been thinking very carefully about what to do about this horrible day job because the World’s Worst Company’s new season starts in two weeks and once it’s up and running I am tied in until Xmas. Here is my decision: I am going to give it another 4 months, until the end of this calendar year and will not quit before then. Analysis:

  • I am loyal to the CEO, aka The Terminator. He hired me. He is shit-hot. He has a tough job on his hands trying to make this company recover its health. He will be disappointed if I walk out. He doesn’t want to give up on me yet, and I would like him to not give up on me yet. I would also like him to take me with him to his next job.
  • I am loyal to our customers, some of whom have signed contracts for this coming season based on the expectation that they will be working with me, because I am a ROCK STAR and outshine any other client-facing member of staff.
  • My new line manager, Brian, seems like a reasonable person and The Terminator likes him, so that’s the sole recommendation that I would value.
  • I like a challenge and I don’t like to fail at things.
  • In my career history, I have almost no experience with office politics, this is because I own the company. You agree with me or you can go and work elsewhere. However, in companies that I do not own, there will be politics that I cannot deal with using the usual tactics. As much as it does not benefit the organisation when our staff behave like tossers, it also does not benefit when I make it clear that I think they are tossers. If I am interested in what benefits the organisation, which I am, and of being some use to the Terminator, which I am, then I need to become a diplomat. Because working here at a high level of seniority means managing these people, no matter how incompetent they are, or how far away from what I was led to expect, it is what we have to work with. For now. So I need to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

FFS. Being a grown-up is hard.

Jehst: Weed


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