I <3 my Chief Executive.

I love you!

I finally had lunch with the Terminator, which was good timing after I tore a strip off the office bully, aka one of my senior colleagues, and told him to get on with his work.

We had a long discussion about business and I LOVE to talk business, it is like the elixir of youth to me and I don’t get enough of it. The upshot of the conversation was this.

  • The business needs action, real action, to pull it back to success.
  • I am a powerhouse of energy and that energy is going to leak out all over the place if we don’t do something constructive with it every day. It needs to go somewhere.
  • So the Terminator is getting me involved in new projects where I can direct all my fire and feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Me: This is great. Thank you. I cannot change my personality, my values or my obsession with the bottom line. I can only work here if you give me permission to be myself.

Terminator: You got it. Maybe try to be a little … diplomatic. But yes, you have my permission to keep firing on all cylinders. Don’t slow down.

Me: I love you!!! You are my favourite guy. When you’ve had enough of this organisation and you’re ready to go and be the Terminator somewhere new, take me with you.

Then he paid for lunch and went back to his desk because he has a busy afternoon ahead, making 20 people redundant. I might have hugged him.

Eminem: My Name Is

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