Day: August 9, 2016

I am going to turn 50 in Africa.

I have just booked flights. It was a lot of money. My cash flow situation is still horrible, however I seem to have raised enough funds to cover this African project.

Even though I have a stupid amount of work to do between now and when I get on the plane, I feel strangely calmer because the flights are booked and that was the major expense. There is an itinerary in place, thanks to my incredibly well-organised client. The dates are very much to my liking.

  • It’s a lot of hours in the air, from London to South Africa but it will be okay because I am flying business class. I am too old to slum it in economy for 14 hours. About 8 hours is my upper limit before I start getting thrombosis. Also, I need to be able to sleep while in the air so I can be fresh for work when I get off the plane, try feeling ‘fresh for work’ after 14 hours sitting upright in economy, wedged between a student and someone with kids. So that’s why it’s business class both ways. Reassuring. Takes some of the stress out of the trip. Quite a lot, actually. I can use the business lounges at the airports and there is free coffee and wifi and it is a world apart from economy travel.
  • While in Africa we are following a two-days-on, one-day-off model and my birthday falls on one of the off days. So I will be in Africa on my birthday AND I don’t have to work that day, unless you count taking a short internal flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. HOORAY, this is really awesome and I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday present.

That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it. I still have urgent invoices that my clients haven’t paid, urgent tax bills that I haven’t paid, bank business that hasn’t been resolved and a massive pile of work on my desk that has to be taken care of before I go, but hey. I AM GOING TO SOUTH AFRICA. It is definitely happening. My birthday is going to rock. I will try to get caught up on Philadelphia art posts before I go away on this next trip.

Gratuitous picture of SA:

table mountain