Day: August 6, 2016

Film News: David Brent, Life on the Road

I absolutely cannot wait for the new film about David Brent, manager of the Wernham Hogg paper company in Slough, better known as The Office. I cannot wait. Check out this video, as we all know as well as being an office manager, Brent is an inspired singer-songwriter.

David Brent: Lady Gypsy (2016)

She laid me down on a bed of heather. She said ‘please be careful, this is what I sell’.

I said ‘you’re a hooker’. She said ‘no, I mean the heather. I sell the heather like a lucky spell’.

I said ‘but to be clear, then, the sex is free, yes?’ She said ‘yes, the sex is free. The heather’s a pound’.

I said ‘I don’t need no heather and if I did, I would just pick some. It’s free. It’s growing in the ground’.