That was an interesting week.

Hooray for being back in the UK.

I spent 4 days working with – in fact, providing work and opportunities for – the person who I love and they were an absolute bitch to me for three of those days for no reason. So that’s the end of that. I’m not here to take abuse, am I. Sorry you’ve got whatever problems are causing you to behave like that. Please stay well away from me in future.

I am on the point of firing my accountant. I have cash flow problems and I have tax bills coming out the wazoo and I have accounts that haven’t been filed and we are not making fast progress filing those accounts, with the result that I’m now paying for business expenses out of my personal account. I might have to raise a loan or even a credit card to go to S Africa, which is shockingly soon.

This happened at work. I sent an email today to the CEO describing a conversation I had yesterday with a senior person who I’m expected to work with.

I had a meeting yesterday with a senior colleague. We successfully talked about work for about 20 minutes, then this happened for 30 minutes. Not the first time this individual has pulled this routine but the last time I am going to listen to it. It goes like this:

Step 1: Viciously back-stab everyone else in the organisation. Gleefully share spiteful nicknames that ‘we’ call ‘them’ (I don’t know who is implied by ‘we’, I want nothing to do with this individual or their behaviour).

Step 2: Feign concern for my welfare by telling me cautionary tales of people who were viciously back-stabbed by all of ‘them’ and forced out of their jobs.

Step 3: I’m not taking the bait, so ramp up the tension. Emphasise that everyone who I’m going to work with in the coming season, apart from the speaker of course, is a treacherous snake whose sole purpose is to stab me in the back and ruin my career. Keep emphasising ‘I am just warning you’ and ‘be careful’.

I have now filled my lifetime quota for listening to this nonsense. If that person addresses me in that way ever again, we will go straight to Human Resources and they can issue all these threats regarding my job and this transparent attempt to manipulate me using fear in front of a HR representative.

This is a senior person in our organisation who I’m talking about, not junior staff. What a trainwreck.

Fuck this week. It’s been horrible.


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