Travels in America: Experiences and Tips

  • Philadelphia is beautiful, there will be worthwhile photos at the weekend when I get to see some art and historic monuments and suchlike.
  • I was taken for lunch at Chik-Fil-A today, so I am having a thoroughly authentic American experience. It is the worst possible thing for my diet so that’s why I’m not eating anything else until tomorrow. For non-Americans, Chik-Fil-A is like McDonalds except they only serve chicken, also a milkshake that has EIGHT HUNDRED CALORIES. In ONE milkshake. I did not have one. The owner is a (very rich) religious lunatic who won’t open his restaurants on Sundays, so that explains why Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar eat there, which makes me feel like I’ve just personally given money to Donald Trump. Chik-Fil-A is pronounced Chik Filet, not Chick-Filler or Chick-Feeler.


  • The coffee around Philadelphia is amazing and they make it a whole lot of different ways. I wish London had this much of a coffee culture.
  • The weather is insanely hot and I am unexpectedly getting a tan.
  • Here’s my Top Tip for lady travellers! When you have been on the road for several days and are starting to get a bit sexually frustrated, an electric toothbrush makes a very serviceable vibrator. I am using an Oral B Pulsar. Very good results. Maybe wash the toothpaste off first. And wash it again before you brush your teeth. You are welcome.

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