My Transatlantic Day

  • Go to bed anywhere between 7.30 and 9.30pm. Reasons for this as seen below.
  • Get up at 3.30am. Fire up the laptop and do a day’s work on British time, while all my British colleagues are at their desks.
  • 10am. Start a day of work on US time out and about around New Jersey. Get back to my hotel about 5pm.

I eat one meal a day and that is lunch. I am VERY conscious of not wanting to regain weight. Trying to diet and eat cleanly while on the road around the US is almost impossible. I eat lunch where the person I’m with wants to eat lunch and there are rarely any fresh vegetables, fruit or fish or anything like that. You end up eating nachos and processed cheese and god knows what. Piles of salt. If I were eating three meals a day here I would be the size of a house by the time I got home and I don’t want that after I worked so hard to lose 11 pounds already, with quite a few more still to go.

Fortunately, the hotel in Trenton doesn’t serve breakfast and by the time it opens for dinner I am ready to pass out and go to bed. So lunch is my one meal of the day.

A local restaurant.


Moving on to Philadelphia this evening.

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