In which everything slowly improves.

My day job gradually gets better. My boss’s boss’s boss would like to have dinner with me so we can talk business. This is the kind of attention I enjoy.

In other news:

  • The diet is okay, I am basically doing low carb, it is okay. I am not dying. I eat a lot of green vegetables, chicken, fish and fruit and I have learned to love black coffee. I occasionally fall off the wagon and eat sugar which means I’m losing weight at a rate of only about 1lb a week, but hey it is heading in the right direction, it is all good for my health and I avoid wheat without a problem.
  • I am in love. It is not getting better and it is not getting worse. It has killed off the Head Honcho, finally, so that’s a good thing. Because of external constraints, a year has to pass before the Person Who I’m Not Supposed To Love becomes available, even in theory. I’ve been waiting several months already so one more year doesn’t seem impossible. I’m counting down the months and weeks now. All I have to do is hold their interest for a year, using whatever magic I can summon up, then they are mine.

Paul Giovanni: Gently Johnny

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