You know, what I couldn’t be arsed with the Honcho so I cancelled him again. It is kind of a long story but the decision primarily resulted from (a) a last-minute date with someone else, no-one special, just a scorching hot professional footballer, that left me physically unprepared for further activities, and (b) the realisation during this date that I am irredeemably in love with the Person Who I’m Not Supposed To Be In Love With, such that I actually don’t want casual sex right now because my head is elsewhere.

So I cancelled the Honcho and he was obviously disappointed and angry. If we were more like friends, like I would like us to be, I would have loved to have met him for a late lunch and a chat but he does not roll like that and I didn’t bother suggesting it. I just told him I couldn’t come out to play today because I accidentally had sex with someone else the night before and they wore me out.

So there you go. It could be another year before the Person is realistically available to date me, because of external constraints, but I am in love with them now and I have to deal with the effects of that now.

Then I turned my attention to far more important matters such as work. I just booked some flights. I’m going to New Jersey and Philadelphia for a few days, to make some money and see a bit more of the world. US first, then South Africa in August. This is a proven method of solving my relationship problems. Leave the country. Work on my career.


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