As readers may or may not recall, I am in love with someone in quite a big way. This is the most in love I’ve been with anyone since meeting the Head Honcho back in 2011.

I can tell this new romance is the real deal because of the following. I have deliberately re-opened communications with the Honcho in an attempt to distract myself. He is helping by being uncharacteristically civil and even affectionate and showing considerable interest in re-establishing the relationship and seeing me, quite soon – in fact, in less than a week. Yet here I am at my desk and I have only just realised that I haven’t spoken to him in about 4 or 5 days because I have been pre-occupied with my other love interest and too busy to turn Skype on. I remember a time when I couldn’t go that long without speaking to the Honcho without experiencing physical pain.

So there you go. I have got it bad. I cannot have this person because reasons. We would have to wait at least a year. I am getting a lot of attention from other boys generally, boys who would actually like to have relationships with me, yet my heart wants to wait. Not that I am going to turn down easy sex, you understand me, esp if the Honcho is running the show.

Choon. Gets really hardcore at about 4:20 and you will need to get up and dance.

Baby D: Let Me Be Your Fantasy (1992)



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