The General State of My Life

  • Diet news. I want to say FFS, but actually I am dieting pretty successfully. I’m too busy to think about eating most of the time so it is just a case of making VERY sensible choices when it is time to eat, e.g., a boiled egg and some lettuce as opposed to 4 lattes with optional cake at the weekends. I still have a lot of weight to take off and I absolutely need caffeine or I WILL die, but have switched to espresso.
  • Beauty. Despite feeling like a heifer, I found a flattering dress and went to the big evening event on Tuesday looking stylish. They took photos, as I predicted, and I look okay. I have massive jugs, which is never, ever a bad thing. My absence of a waist isn’t noticeable and I have quite slim legs so we are doing okay actually.
  • Love. Does not quit. It is a natural resource, like water.
  • Cash flow. We are playing a tight game here, fucking hell. Can we get some invoices paid before the tax bill arrives, I don’t know.
  • Business in general. Is great, actually. We are doing great. Lots of new work in for the summer, making me really happy.
  • Day Job. Better. I am happier when senior people spend time with me, letting me talk about business. Thank you, gentlemen. That is really helping a lot.

Let’s have a choon. One simply cannot argue with Flavor Flav. You probably should get up and dance.


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