Summer campaign for a better life.

Time to take action. My workload is gradually decreasing for the summer season and not a moment too soon, as I weigh 160lbs and I need get some exercise in, urgently.

I might need to resume using this blog to collect Achievement points for going to the gym and such, because I am now 30lb overweight and all of that is not going to come off by itself.

I can tell my life is getting easier because I went to the dentist today. Yay! My gums are in a horrible condition but at least my teeth are CLEAN.

Photos of London, because we haven’t had any for ages. Near the dentist’s office in Soho is this interesting shop that sells drawings and prints.


Let’s have a look in the window and you will see what I mean.



fashionable contrasts

After the dentist I did a couple of errands and then my face started to feel less numb and I was very hungry so I ended up in a pizza restaurant that I forgot the name of. It was opposite the Palace theatre. Inside the restaurant was really nice, so I took pictures.

pizza restaurant

Then I ate pizza, which is just what you should have when you are on a diet. I ordered a flavour of pizza called Sausages, Courgettes and Their Flowers. I am not sure whether the flowers were courgette flowers or a mix of courgette flowers and sausage flowers. Also, I’m not sure what a sausage flower is. It wasn’t the most obvious combination of pizza toppings but it tasted quite nice.

sausage flowers

And that’s all today’s news. Let’s have a tune in memory of Muhammed Ali. Rub a dub.

Dr. Alimantado: I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali (1977)


3 thoughts on “Summer campaign for a better life.”

    1. It could be that. It’s a real puzzle. Another solution that occurred to me was that it could be a Shakespearean fantasy, like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where the sausages and the courgettes are obviously the main characters and they are waited upon by various flowers. See what I mean? That could work.

      1. Oh it could – I am picturing a woodland scene. The courgettes and the sausages only really distinguishable from each other by the colour of their outer garments. The sausages would be the men, as they tend to spit a lot………sorry, I’m going off on one. I think it’s the damn heat 😆

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