I have been doing Tax all day. Fucking pain in the ass. It’s 10.30 at night and I’m talking to a customer services representative from Norton, trying to track down a VAT invoice.

Why is this my life? It was really nice weather today. I wasn’t outside. Let’s try and remember what all this is for. I fucking love this song, it might be one of the most cheerful and inoffensive songs about money I’ve ever heard. The hook is hooky, the lyrics are memorable and the video has bonus Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

It ain’t my fault that my money on the rise and it ain’t my fault that it’s stacking to the skies.

That’s what it’s for. I am broke and I have tax bills but I am rich on paper. Keep playing the game.

Don’t be afraid, cause there’s money money everywhere.

ETA: He is a lot more than 30 lbs overweight and he does not give a damn.

D/R Period: Money

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