But we treat our customers like shit.

I went to some workplace training this morning. They moved the time of the session from afternoon to morning, with the result that by the time I arrived at this session, I’d already been awake for 24 hours.

I sat in a room with about 14 people, all of them have been there longer than me and some of them have never worked anywhere else. Today’s topic was Change. Apparently things are changing. There was hand-wringing. People’s freedom is being taken away, apparently. It’s so awful because we have to have quality control. Boo fucking hoo. My heart is bleeding. The amount of money we take off our customers every year and we treat them like absolute shit and then we act hurt and surprised when they don’t come back.

I cannot think of any other sector where you can treat paying customers that badly and expect to get away with it. I don’t fit in at this place and I am never going to. I’ve had the worst experiences of my career at this job and at the same time, the one problem I don’t have is our customers. They are delightful. They deserve MUCH, MUCH BETTER and so do I.

FFS. What am I being trained to do? Feel sorry for this organisation and the people who work here? If I had my way, 50% of our staff would be sacked immediately and then we might have a chance of getting the business on its feet.

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