Fingers crossed.

Managed to concentrate on my work. Wrote proposals for commercial clients. If all the proposals are accepted, I stand to make the equivalent of two years’ salary in three months, which would solve aaallll my problems. Tax problems and general economic insecurity problems.

Wish me luck, please. What I know of commercial clients tells me that they normally don’t act as fast as one would hope, they don’t accept every proposal they receive and they love to haggle over prices. But I am giving them the best prices I possibly can already and it is still a substantial amount of money and will send me all over the world, just the way I like it. My employers at my other job will complain but we will get over it, I should be able to get it wrapped up in a few weeks if I am efficient and my clients are efficient.

Fingers crossed for the big money. Love comes second after that.

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