Dress the fuck up.

Suddenly I’m popular with senior management because of the glowing reports from my clients. I am now experienced enough with this company to not trust anyone but my clients, everyone else is either a lying snake or incompetent or both.

Anyway they don’t want to fire me this week and that means they’ve now got 17 weeks left to tell me to get out. After that it will be more difficult to get shot of me.

I am responding to the situation in the only way I know how: (1) love my customers, sincerely and with an open heart; (2) play a lot of UK garage; (3) outdress everybody in the organisation. I am one smartly-dressed motherfucker. I make people who are more senior than I am look dishevelled. And now for a tune. Get up and dance.

Deetah: Relax (Bump & Flex Mix)

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