Do you really like it? Is it is it wicked?

So beautiful today. I know I am not wrong about this. I am feeling the client love big-time. So much love in the room today. They fucking love me and why shouldn’t they, there isn’t much I won’t do for them. I am deeply and joyfully in love with all 3,500 of them and I think they feel the same way about me. Fuck all the haters. Haters gonna hate.

It is that time of the working year when I solicit written feedback from my customers in which I encourage them to tell me what they think of my service delivery. I asked probably 40 people today and received 28 detailed pieces of fan mail in one day in which they said such nice things about me that I wanted to cry. They really love me. They feel cared for and they hang on my every word.

Naturellement, I handed copies of the fan mail to my boss and the CEO. Go ahead and fire me. I am the best thing that has ever happened to you and here is the written evidence.

As my clients boost my confidence, I become freer in how I express myself in our time together. Of late I’ve taken to using the organisation’s sound systems to blast out five minutes of spunky UK garage prior to the start of client meetings, which I begin on the dot. It really puts everybody in a good mood.

28 messages in one day, fuck yeah.

DJ Pied Piper: Do You Really Like It

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