Good bits of days at work.

So today was the usual type of day at work. (1) I dressed very smartly, as per usual. (2) I was on the receiving end of the usual daily hate from people who hate me, it is always slightly different people from day to day. (3) Client love. This happened.

Int: Day. An office. A large general work area where clients do stuff on their laptops. I am passing through this area and one of them comes up to me.

Client: Uh, I need some help with this piece of work I’m doing. I haven’t really attended any of our meetings in the last couple of months and I’m out of my depth with this project. Will you help me?

Me: Of course I will. Let’s get it sorted out today. I’ll be free at five o’clock, come and see me then, okay?

Client: Oh thank you.

Me: No problem! I want all my customers to be happy and successful, right everybody? (pointing at general area)

Three other clients: Yeah, that’s right.

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