OK, maybe I was being a bit hysterical.

I think it was because I quit smoking. I was inclined to fly off the handle for a couple of days.

It is 5am here in London and I am at my desk because I have a lot to do. I am still completely overwhelmed with work but it is not all bad news because some of the work is commercial activity for my own business and that has good money attached to it.

I am not going to recite the litany of complaints, mainly revolving around the tax issues, the physical challenges of doing 2 full time jobs and the horrible, vicious people I have to work with. Let me just quickly record a couple of nice things because I have to capture the good moments as they happen.

(1) My clothes continue to be fabulous, I wore a very pretty blue satin floral dress yesterday and received numerous compliments on it throughout the day, including from random people in Tesco where I was buying 12 pairs of tights.

(2) My clients love me. They really do. I’ve been told twice within a week that I am the best supplier they’ve ever worked with, and one of them additionally emailed me to thank me for being a lovely person and going beyond the call of duty for them.

(3) I’ve bumped into the person who I secretly and illicitly love two or three times in the last two weeks and this always makes my day, it is like the sun shining.

(4) Even though I am 155 pounds, which makes me as heavy as I’ve ever been, I looked pretty yesterday. This is really worth something to me at my advanced age. Believe me, I do not wake up looking pretty. I have jowls and visible pores, I have bags under my eyes and a waist like an elephant. I look in the mirror when I get up and I despair at the raw materials I have to work with. But I make a lot of effort for work, mainly because many of my colleagues are so nasty and wish they could grind me down, and also because I don’t have any life outside of work. It’s not like I’m going out dating and seeing my friends. So I do my face very carefully with serums and polishers and careful make-up, and I dress like Sophia Loren. Plus I just had my hair coloured so I have no grey hair right now. I put on the aforementioned pretty dress and strangers were exceptionally nice to me all day. They held doors open for me. I was introduced to somebody at lunch who works in fashion marketing who couldn’t wait to tell me how fashionable I am. When I was on the London Underground, a man stopped doing his crossword and gave me his seat even though he was seated almost the whole length of the carriage away and there were 3 other people standing between me and him who he could have offered it to.

Right, I must sort myself out and go to work. It’s now 5:16 am and I have impossible amounts of things that need doing. See you later.

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