Hanging on in there.

Allergy is back, not awfully so, but still.

One of the three businesses in my life will be closed and no longer trading by midnight on Thursday, thus reducing my work-related responsibilities by one-third.

I have removed what money there is into the other business.

I have two accountants and a soon-to-be-ex business partner and together we are trying to make sense of my tax liabilities for 2016 and 2017.

I asked the main accountant ‘am I going to go bankrupt?’ and he said ‘I don’t know’. Awesome. Thanks a bunch. Handily, this state of uncertainty has persisted for so long that it is now within my comfort zone and I don’t fucking worry about it. Let’s just put it on the list of things I am not worrying about. Fucks sake. Let’s have a tune. Get up and dance.

Public Enemy: Thin Line Between Law and Rape


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