Permission to be cheerful.

  1. One of my clients is going to pay some money into the business that needs it the most. HOORAY!!! THANK YOU, UNIVERSE. This means I can pay my tax bill and the Inland Revenue is not going to bankrupt me quite yet. HOORAY!!! Also another one of my clients offered me a sum of money that is a lot smaller but still good and definitely worth having.
  2. The horrible allergy that made all my skin fall off has FINALLY subsided to a level where I don’t think it is noticeable to other people. It took my GP and I a few different brands of anti-histamine before we found one that worked, and I may never be able to drink alcohol again but at least my skin is looking better, at long last. That went on for about a month, if not two.
  3. In light of my renewed good mood, there’s one more thing that I can feel happy about. You remember when I was very briefly in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that I’d made a new friend? Well, it really was strictly just friends. Except now it looks like it might be a little bit more than friends and I have resolved to go back to Amsterdam to see him. Quite soon. A weekend in April. Isn’t that thrilling. He is a very beautiful spirit and he speaks Arabic, because I like that as much as I do French.

OK, that’s all for today. Thank you Jah, for sending the money. I really needed it.

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