I put on my best dress and my corporate lapel pin and went for the meeting with the CEO and Mr Human Resources. We talked about organisational standards. I shared the evidence I collected yesterday. Then I cried a bit.

The CEO appeared to be very receptive to what I was saying. He says I should spend more time with him and call in to his office regularly so we can be in touch. He says my manager does not have the power to fire me. He says this is why we are re-structuring the business, because people like my manager aren’t directly accountable to anyone. He says he’s seen my new product proposal and thinks it is good. He says I should hang on in there. He says he agrees with me about what constitutes acceptable business practice and that’s when I started crying because I so desperately needed to hear someone say that.

So there you go. I’m not fired quite yet.

In other news, the Head Honcho is being very civil and even quite kind and is happy enough to distract me from my woes and in particular to distract me from thoughts of the other person who I love, because I always love the Honcho more than anyone and we both like it that way.

And then finally. A few weeks ago I tried an experiment with this thing, let’s say a procedure, where I had somewhat low expectations of success because it was a bit outrageous and against logic and … well, it seems to have worked and I am sceptical and also a bit stunned. If that really did work and I am not just imagining it, then I am more powerful than I thought. And that’s all today’s news.


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