I am a whistle-blower. That’s what the guy from Human Resources called me. I don’t like the sound of that too much because whistleblowers usually end up without jobs but it is what it is.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the CEO. It was, therefore, convenient timing that I had a meeting with my line manager today in which he ‘reviewed my performance’.

I covertly audio recorded the whole meeting and now I am very glad I did because the first thing he did when I walked in the room was tell me that he needed to falsify my recent off-sick form ‘because it will be too interesting to HR’. And then the second thing he did was fill out a form with a false evaluation of my work performance, while shamelessly having a conversation with me about the obvious fact of its falseness.

That man is a liar. A liar who takes away my rights as an employee with his falsified papers.

Tonight I am turning that audio file into a nice video with subtitles and screenshots of the original and falsified documents. And then the CEO and the HR guy and me can watch it together tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck that I still have a job after all that. It’s not like I have a pile of spare money for paying my tax bills and the mortgage.

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