I tried to go to bed three hours ago. I had to get up again because I want to claw all my skin off.

I do not think it is a coincidence that the worst job I’ve ever had is being accompanied by the worst allergic reaction I’ve ever had. I am utterly tormented by the itchy rash from hell, which continues its relentless spread all over my body. It has reached my hands and face. It has reached every part of my body except for my feet. My chest, arms, back and legs are a mess. I had to cut my nails down because I scratch in my sleep.

It has to start getting better soon, I am trying to be patient. I believe that if I quit that job, I would get better. I think I am allergic to that place. My skin is screaming at me, I have never seen it so distressed.

Suggestions welcome. Things I have tried:

  • E45 cream, is debatable whether it is doing anything
  • Aloe Vera gel stings like sulphuric acid

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