Fashion Notes.

Training, whatever. It was just a bunch of people sitting in a room chatting.

It is almost 8pm and I am less tearful and working on being more emotionally detached. The current temperature is Annoyed which is at least familiar and thus relatively comfortable.

I remembered just now that one thing that really helped me a lot in the September-December season was fashion. As I became more and more exhausted and came to feel that I was in some sort of war of attrition with my employer, the more I dressed up. By the end of the season I upstaged everybody and was more fabulous than a Brazilian TV presenter. I need to start doing that again now because it is proven to give me strength and preserve my sense of humour. I hate this job right now so if I have to be there at all I will do it in six-inch heels, a corset, a designer frock and false eyelashes if I bloody feel like it. If they paid me a bit more generously I would get a set of veneers and laser skin resurfacing.

Let’s have some lovely drag queens. If I had that salamander costume I would totally wear that to work.

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: Finally





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