Actual cooking. I fried a steak!

OMG that was delicious.

I was in the supermarket yesterday buying sensitive skin products and general groceries when I noticed that of course the store was heavily promoting Valentine’s Day. It was doing a special deal where you could get a main dish, 2 side dishes, starter, pudding and a bottle of wine for £20, designed to feed two people. It looked really nice and there was no way I was going to regard that as somehow off limits just because I’m not part of some horrible fawning couple.

I ate the dessert (tiramisu, both portions) last night for a snack.

I ate the half the starter (chicken liver pate) this morning for breakfast and will probably finish it off at breakfast time tomorrow.

This evening, wow, that might be only the second or third time in my whole life that I’ve fried a piece of steak. It was amazeballs! I didn’t burn it or anything! I ate it with two servings of broccoli with butter and black pepper.

Tomorrow for dinner I will eat the other piece of steak with both servings of mixed salad.

And that is how you make a Valentine’s dinner for two feed one person very handsomely for two days. I am amazed how delicious and easy that was. You know I don’t cook. If I could be bothered, I would collect some major cooking Achievement points for that.

I can’t drink the bottle of wine because of taking anti-histamines but that is okay it can sit in the fridge until a suitable occasion manifests itself, as it will, sooner or later.

Wow! I feel invigorated. I don’t usually eat red meat.



3 thoughts on “Actual cooking. I fried a steak!”

  1. Great, go for the balance of it all. I go for hot fried steak with lots of basil and pepper. Enjoy, also look for a hot yoga (red infrared light heat) place to exercise – keep the electrolyte balanced though.

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