I am starting the weekend early.

  • The whole-body allergic rash is gradually subsiding, which reminds me, time to take more anti-histamines. My scalp and ears are no longer weeping, they are just very sore. My chest is spotty and blotchy and it will be a while before I can wear anything other than high-necked dresses with long sleeves. Also, I can’t go to the gym looking like I have leprosy.
  • I have had a terrible week at work. I can think of 4 people in the organisation who don’t hate me. For reference, there are over 70 people in my department. That said, it continues to be universally agreed that I am shit hot at my job and our clients think I’m the best thing since sliced bread, as well they might.
  • The person who I’m not supposed to love quite as much as I do has stayed away from me, which is exactly what I told them to do, but EVEN SO.
  • I am fatter than ever due to comfort eating relating to the above and earlier this week someone asked me when my baby was due D:

This being the case, I think you will understand why I am starting the weekend early.

  • I discovered that I can get free DVDs on loan from work so I have brought home box sets of popular, fluffy TV shows.
  • I have art materials. I am doing a lot of sketching for work purposes, which I am happy to do. I did 45 minutes this morning and it was fun. This afternoon, after visiting my doctor, I went to Tiger Tiger which is a discount store that is strong on craft materials. I got a nice spiral bound sketch book that is almost A3 size for £7 and a box of mixed charcoal pencils for £2, plus a compass and various other things, including one of those positionable wooden human figures that artists use, also £7, which is amazing.

So that’s me. I am staying indoors being fat and rashy this weekend. Happy Valentine’s Day, ffs.

2 thoughts on “I am starting the weekend early.”

  1. Does it help to share my woes so you know you are not alone? I’ve got tonsillitis! Don’t suppose it does really – if we were playing top trumps you would most certainly win.
    Keep the faith G. Things have to turn your way soon. ‘This too shall pass’ as my grandfather was very fond of saying.
    Lots of love.

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