Checking in.

I believe I am generally on top of things.

Work is okay and is under control, a small miracle considering there are 3 organisations involved, one of which is a circus.

I am losing and regaining the same three pounds.

I stopped smoking without any effort for about 4 days then I forgot that I was a non-smoker and started smoking again, ffs.

My gym membership expired 48 hours ago, I need to get on that immediately and go to the gym. Which I should be able to do if I can keep work reined in.

I am cautiously optimistic of having a better time in the Jan-May period because I shed my own and other people’s blood over the last several weeks in an attempt to systematise and ensure having a better time.

That is all for now. Fingers crossed that we are going to be okay. My major work project of the spring season just started and so far it is okay. So far so good. It is week 1.

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