Some kind of a reward.

There is a glimpse of tinsel, like a leftover Christmas decoration, and I want to reach out and take it.

As you know, I am at work day and night, I have a terrible lifestyle and am miserably celibate, also am pointlessly in love with someone unsuitable.

Last night there was a conversation with one of my young lovers, a pretty, hardworking boy of 24 or thereabouts, and if it comes to anything, he might come and stay with me for a few weeks. Whereupon he will cook food, help with the housework, sleep in my bed, fuck me every day, take my mind off other men and give me a reason not to smoke.

It sounds good, doesn’t it. I don’t think I could be blamed too harshly for saying yes to that, could I. We will see if he is brave enough to come and if I am foolhardy enough to let him. And now for some Mariah Carey with Justin Bieber. Yes, thank you, I am fully aware that it is not Xmas.

Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber – All I Want For Christmas Is You

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