I feel obliged to check in and tell you what is happening, because it is Friday, as much as for any other reason. We should be doing the Weakly Weigh-In.

We are not doing it, however, because I am wearing my coat indoors. Temperatures in London have plummeted. I am seriously sitting at my desk right now with my coat on, over several layers of clothing and the heating on full blast. So that’s why I’m not taking my clothes off to get on the scales.

Gym: 0 points.

My daily routine (includes the coming weekend):

  • Get up anywhere between 2am and 5am, depending. Work quietly at desk until I have to go out to work.
  • Go out to work, either to Job 1, which pays well but which I don’t love, or to Job 2, which is work that I love, just unfortunately with the most unprofessional organisation in the entire world.
  • Get home some time after 7pm.
  • Go to bed between 7 and 9pm.

I am living on everything that is bad for me, such as cheese sandwiches, lattes and cigarettes and this is because I do not sit down for meals.I just graze on whatever is handy, mainly that, and I feel like a whale.

I am getting some outdoors walking done, which is good, but it has not been enough to combat the onslaught of diet fail this week.

I keep saying that I don’t know what to do about the situation. It certainly is a challenge. I can’t tell when is the right time to jump ship. However, with regard to my appalling lifestyle choices this week, clearly, there is only solution. I will have to take control of things, no-one else is going to.

I will have to start bulldozing time into my diary to go to the gym EVEN THOUGH I have 2 jobs, and I will have to start feeding myself very carefully instead of just scarfing down whatever stimulants and snack food I can cram into my system as I happen across the opportunity.

So there we go. 2013, 14 and 15 were three very eventful years. I was sort of hoping for a more peaceful time in 2016. At least we are not bored. I will have this sorted by August.

Skinnyman: Love’s Gone From The Streets




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