OK, so as promised, I sorted out and tried on all of my sportswear. I did this in front of the mirror and I am now under no illusions about where those extra 25 lbs are, they are as plain as day.

I separated the clothes that I can wear from the stuff that is too small, which turned out to be about half and half. The small half is now packed in a box. When I have dropped 12 pounds, which will bring me half way to where I want to be, I will try on all of those clothes again and we’ll see how many items we can take out of the box and put back into general circulation and how many garments are left behind.

After all that I was highly motivated to take action so I went to the gym this morning and swam 600m, or 30 lengths of the pool. It took a while and was hard work because I am very unfit and have lost a lot of muscle in my upper body. But I did it. Tomorrow I will return to the gym and do something else. Weight training if I am feeling ambitious. Need to build up my arms.

swim 020116.jpg

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