Mail room.

Done. It is my belief that I have now opened and read all the mail, 12 weeks of it.

  • I had a timely discussion with all relevant parties about tax bills which are due at the end of January.
  • One of my businesses has slightly more money owing to it than I thought, which is a welcome surprise.
  • I have a health insurance policy that I didn’t know about. It’s hardly worth anything but will get me £55 off my next dental bill.

I still have a fairly daunting to-do list, there is some filing and some papers that need to be signed and budgets that need to be sorted out but the huge mountain of unopened mail is no more.

I would collect a Finance point but it doesn’t seem like a good use of my time.

Also – I have started using Trello again in earnest. I knew it was the right software for me when I tried out a bunch of project management products in August. The fact that I am getting every task that occurs to me into Trello is good. It is a sign of progress and a more orderly life.

I know it is technically still the Xmas holidays but that is why I am getting as much done as I can right now, to make January easier.

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