Mid-life Concerns

Should have realised that going to bed early was a bad idea. I say ‘early’, it was 1am, but the crucial thing is I was merely pleasantly fatigued as opposed to suddenly corpsing because I’ve been at work for 21 hours. The latter scenario is what I am more used to. I do not have any problems sleeping. I sleep because I black out because my body forcibly shuts itself down after X amount of hours of stress and work and trying to control everything.

Not tonight, though. Tonight I lay in bed and worried about mid-life issues such as (a) my declining physical beauty, (b) the probability that I will never be able to pay off my mortgage or retire. I worried about them in that order, which says everything about how immature I still am.

After a long time I realised that nothing good comes of philosophising in the small hours of the morning, so I got up and I am drinking flavoured vodka.

I am just going to throw this in because it made me happy. It is a still from Project Runway, as you can see, the older woman is giving advice to the younger woman. I was actually looking for pictures of Blanche Devereaux. Don’t ask me why – because I am drinking at 5am, okay? That’s a good enough reason.


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