The 3rd day of Xmas: this isn’t going particularly well.

OK, so we’ve got this commercial client who expects us to work over Xmas so we are working over Xmas. This is just taken for granted, no discussion, nothing.

It’s a really good job that I didn’t go to visit my family in another city like I was supposed to because my client is having a load of work stuff delivered to my home address tomorrow. On Xmas eve. Without asking me. I just received a surprise email about it this afternoon from the warehouse that is doing the delivery. Because obviously I couldn’t possibly have any plans or any reason to be doing anything on 24th December apart from wait in my house for couriers with business packages.

Good thing I didn’t go to family Xmas, isn’t it. That would have been a right old mess. Crucial business packages being delivered to an address where I’m 120 miles away.

So that was Day 3 of the so-called Xmas holidays.

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