The 2nd day of Xmas.

Oh god I am just juggling my time, all the time. It was stupid of me to think that I can take evenings off.

Last night I watched, or, more accurately, listened to, the wonderful documentary Indie Game: The Movie, which is about a handful of passionate and heartbreakingly self-sacrificing game designers who pour years of their lives into making games for no wages at all, resisting employment at EA so that they can have creative freedom, becoming thoroughly eccentric and living like vagrants until eventually their tiny two-person companies are ready to release games such as Meat Boy and Braid to universal acclaim, allowing them to pay off their parents’ mortgages.

Today’s achievements:

  • Dealt with business email.

Today’s failures:

  • Opening the post.

On hold:

  • Housework


  • Send Xmas apologies and greetings, I have already missed the deadline for sending Xmas cards but fuck it they will just have to arrive late, this is the best I can do. I swear I am trying.


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