Picked Up

There has been a major breakthrough with the cleaning.

The living room, which was literally knee-deep in receipts, rubbish, post it notes, packaging, tissues, lip balm, 12 pairs of reading glasses, 12 different kinds of painkiller and various OTC medication, baby wipes, sanpro, small change, knitting supplies, empty cigarette packets, about a mall’s worth of food wrappers and an entire forest of business and domestic paperwork, has now been Picked Up.

It took 7 hours to pick up the living room. It is now 2am on Monday. The room is now in a condition where it can be dusted, mopped and hoovered. Not right now, because it is 2am.

Only the entire rest of the flat to go. I knew this was going to be the worst room because it had by far the most stuff in it, much of it consisting of tiny pieces of paper.

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