Okay, fine. The 1st Day of Xmas.

Looks like I am doing Xmas, then. I realised that what’s officially regarded as my Xmas ‘holiday’ from work is very much in progress, and if I don’t in some way acknowledge that it is Xmas, I will just resent my employers even more and we really cannot afford that right now. Also, I needed a break from cleaning the kitchen.

2015 tree

The cleaning is coming along reasonably well, I did a lot in the kitchen today. I need to go and sort out the mountain of clothes on the bed, otherwise there will be nowhere to sleep tonight.

After that I will make a point of doing some Xmas Things. I had a great Xmas holiday last year and it was because I did Xmas on a schedule. Every day of the official holiday I had one nice meal (esp important this year as I’ve lived on things like bags of peanuts for the last 3 months), watched a movie and played a video game. So that’s my plan. Then I will feel that I had a really good Xmas when I have to go back to the office. I still have a lot of business stuff that I will have to process during the day but I can have evenings off and the house is slowly getting cleaner.

Wish me luck for tomorrow, I am forcing the housework issue now and I would like to have the rest of the house cleaned by tomorrow night.

I will report back on what movie I picked out.

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