16 hours

It is nearly 4pm on Saturday and that means I just slept for 16 consecutive hours, or the equivalent of one working day. I continue to be a seething mass of fury and I still have work to do that was left over from Friday and which I must do now. But at least I have had enough sleep, huh.

I am cognisant of the fact that it is Xmas next Friday, 6 days away. I feel slightly hysterical. I don’t know what to do to put myself in a better mood so I am just going to make coffee and do next most urgent thing, which is all I’ve been doing for months and which unfortunately is never cleaning the house, because I will always fulfil my responsibilities to other people first and nobody but me gives a shit if I have to live in squalor.

Thanks everyone who sent me a Xmas card. They are in one of my three piles of unopened mail. I look forward to reading them eventually.

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