OK, I finally have some hours this evening to get on top of the business and domestic finance situation and it is not pretty. That’s the last time I work so late at the office that I can’t get home on public transport.

One of my businesses is having severe cashflow problems. The other is ticking over. They both need to get their outstanding client invoices paid, quickly. My personal account is overdrawn. The only good part is that I think that what is now my day job is going to pay me early this month.

Not surprisingly, this is all making me a bit tense so I am just trying to pinpoint the most urgent actions and the things that are causing the most anxiety so I can deal with those first.

Things which are not a priority:

  • any more housework, I will just have to be grateful for what I managed to achieve that one weekend
  • any sort of social life

Things which are a priority:

  • tax
  • invoice payment
  • insurance
  • talk to business partner about transferring funds
  • business finance forecast
  • raise some new work
  • tasks relating to my day job which have deadlines of today and this week

I am trying to stay calm and put everything into Trello because I know it works. I just abandoned it several weeks ago when my working hours went out of control.


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