Thanks, Mom. I appreciate it. I am being excused from family Xmas. I am relieved. I don’t have the physical strength or the mental capacity for travelling and big family events. I am sorry not to be with everyone but I am very glad to think that I don’t have to do anything this Christmas but rest and attempt to get my life and home in order. It is a big weight off my mind.

So, rather unexpectedly, that means Xmas is all set. I am having Xmas in London again, for the second time ever. Now it seems like something I can actually do, that is achievable.

I went to the supermarket website and placed an order for the same Xmas menu as last year, it is being delivered rather early, on the 21st, because I missed the bookings for the later delivery slots but it will be okay, the food won’t all have gone off by Xmas day.

Decorations, I don’t know. I can’t face decorating a big tree, it takes a whole evening to put up and I don’t have any time, nor am I expecting any visitors. I could maybe get out a few small decorations that don’t need a tree to support them. I would like the place to look nice when I am eating turkey on Xmas day. I could maybe get some flowers, I had white ones last year and they were beautiful.

I had a look at this blog from a year ago to see what I did at Xmas because I remember it being idyllic, and it was indeed lovely. That said, I was overworked then as now and had two bouts of flu in November which extended into the Xmas holiday and were followed by a cold. Despite this, which I had actually forgotten how bad it was, I had a fab Xmas in which I:

  • Exercised by walking around outdoors, how I would love to do that. And I could swim as well if my gym membership hasn’t expired.
  • Played video games on a schedule, I haven’t touched my much-loved Xbox since last winter. I remember the video games extravaganza being a real highlight. Also, it is not Xmas until you have collected your presents from under the big tree in Orgrimmar.
  • Watched a bunch of Xmas movies, had a proper dinner every night and even did knitting.

It was bliss. So I’m doing that again this year. As much as I can. Business is going to leak into Xmas somewhat because I have so much business stuff that has been neglected for 3 months, but I could have something close to that for a couple of weeks. I am sure I could.

It gives me renewed strength for cleaning the house. I did quite a lot this weekend but there is still a long, long way to go and my diary tells me that it will be next weekend and the official start of the Xmas holidays before I can have another shot at it.

New things to look forward to over Xmas:

  • I can binge-watch Better Call Saul because I haven’t had time to see any of it, also I’ve never seen The Wire and I have two unwatched series of American Horror Story left over from last year.
  • Colouring. 2015 was the year of the Adult Colouring Book. I resisted and then I finally caught the virus at the end of this year and now I know there will be some colouring over Xmas. Even less effort than knitting, ideal when watching a film or TV series.

That’s all. I’m tired now. Work again tomorrow.




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