My day of freedom.

It’s not really a day of freedom, I was supposed to be at the office, but fuck them if they think I’m going in. I seriously think they are making a mistake inviting me to this party tomorrow. The party can go fuck itself harder than any party has ever fucked itself. Right in the ass. Anyway. My day.

  • Get up and send emails.
  • Go out to see GP.
  • Go out again to fetch drycleaning and walk home with it.
  • Go out again to buy fuses. Also buy a screwdriver. I already have screwdrivers, but good luck finding one in a house where you can’t find the bed. I imagine that I have lightbulbs.
  • Back home. I don’t have lightbulbs. I have one and it seems to be the wrong fitting.
  • Go out a fourth time to buy lightbulbs.
  • Back home. They are still the wrong lightbulbs. I am stumped. I cannot fathom what lightbulbs are going to fit these lamps.
  • Night falls and the house is once again plunged into darkness.
  • Cry. Phone buzzes. I have 10 missed calls from various business associates who all want things from me that I cannot locate, esp in the bloody dark.

I am so angry and distressed. I am going to be back on site with this bloody company tomorrow and people are going to think everything’s fine because I had a day ‘off’ and it isn’t fine. I hope they go out of business and everybody dies.

I smoke again now. Like a bastard. Like I have shares in the company. Let’s have a tune.

Super Cat: Coke Don



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