Botox, finally.

After 10 long months, I finally had my face stapled back on. What a relief. I continue to be in terrible physical shape, the latest symptom is crippling inflammation and pain in my shoulders, but my face is going to start looking better almost immediately. Within a few days all my wrinkles around my eyes will disappear, the arches in my eyebrows will lift and I will look 10 years younger, serene and yet unusually alert, even though I may not feel it.

My frozen face feels good. It makes me feel calmer. I just need the pain in my shoulder to go away. I wish she could have Botoxed my shoulder at the same time and I wish that Botoxing tits was a thing, I would be right on that. Anyway, that’s my long-awaited appointment ticked off and she gave me a big dose so I should be all set until probably Easter.

  • Business interests – I am finally able to give this some attention.
  • Home and personal life, this is number 2 on the list, I need another dental cleaning and I really desperately need to clean my house. I had to buy 5 pairs of knickers on the way home from work last night because I have absolutely and totally run out.

I am still annoyed about the bloody stupid party but I will put in an appearance just to be corporate, then go home.

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