Two more weeks to go.

Two more weeks of ridiculous and relentless Work Hell Time Sensitive Project.

Just two more weeks. I am obviously very excited and relieved to think that, although work will not stop, I will no longer be strapped in to a programme of constant deadlines that has me working weeks of up to 100 hours. I’ll be able to work from home a lot more, and that means I can get more done. Maybe I will even be able to go to the gym and pay my tax bills and things like that.

I’m also a bit emotional at the thought of it ending. It’s consumed every single waking moment for 12 weeks, it’s been 100% of my experience of being conscious and awake for that long.

I’ve been tired, I’ve been ecstatic, I’ve exploded in rage, I’ve been tender, passionate, maternal, I’ve cried at my desk, I’ve been a whole lot of things. All of the comfort I’ve needed to survive this horrible ordeal has come from co-workers and clients, because I have no life outside of work. It feels a bit like I’m about to be let out of prison. I am a bit nervous. I wonder if I still have a life outside these walls. I wonder if I still have any friends. I will miss all these people who have been my only human contact through this very intense time. Some of them I won’t see for probably a month or 6 weeks, and in a few cases, I won’t see them ever again and that breaks my heart a little bit.

It’s been a very emotional ride. I want my Botox doctor and my dentist. I want to clean my house. I am afraid to let go of the hands of all these people who I’ve bonded with. It was like being on Big Brother. It was my first time.

Let’s have Church. It’s technically Monday already, but fuck it. Get up and dance.

I-Roy: Don’t Get Weary, Joe Frazier

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