See the day; is changing.

All right then. Finally, the universe begins to bend to my will.

I complained so volubly to senior management about what this organisation is doing to me that people finally started to take notice.

  • I had a meeting with my boss yesterday and brokered a new deal involving considerably less work in the January-March period. YES!!! VICTORY!!!
  • They are talking about firing people who are on my well-publicised list of people who I think they should fire. Because I know how to run this company better than they do, with 12 weeks of experience.
  • Rumour and gossip travels fast in this organisation. Three people who are not directly connected to my problems came up to me today to tell me that VIPs are having meetings about me and how to make me happier.
  • All agree that I have been horribly abused.
  • Hence points one and two.

I look fucking fantastic every day and I cannot lie. Fuck retirement and fuck my mortgage, I need clothes for work and now I have them. A lot of dresses. Nice ones that give me a tiny waist and immense bust and hips. I dress like it is 1959 every single day and people stop in the corridors to look at what dress I am modelling.

I am beautiful and I am valued and I have power. And that’s all I care about. The money can wait. There is always more money where the last lot came from.

And now for a tune. See the day. Is changing.

Ann Consuelo: See The Day (Stonebridge Mix)

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