Well, that was predictable.

I am really sick now. My head is exploding. I cannot go to work.

Some department or other sent me a Staff Survey. One of the questions was ‘Do you have the information you need to do your job?’

I replied ‘I have 0% of the information I need to do my job.’

I don’t know where this is going. A doctor at the hospital, where I went yesterday to get my migraine treated, said ‘you need to leave that job’. I broke down in her office and cried like there was no tomorrow. ‘You need to leave that job’, she said again.

It is horrible. I don’t want to leave this job. But it is an appallingly-managed organisation, you could put a gorilla in charge of resource allocation and they would do a better job and I wouldn’t be out of my face on migraine medication.

Readers, those of you who are awaiting emails from me, it will have to wait. Yes, even the very urgent requests. Sorry. I feel like shit. I am getting 1 day off sick and I have to do this:

  • fit new lightbulbs in my house before the sun sets again and the whole house is in darkness
  • take out bags of rubbish, some of them are 2 months old now
  • try to find out when my next gigantic tax bill is due

Then I have to start work again tomorrow because Saturday is a work day. So I need to be fully recovered by tomorrow morning.

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