Day 60: I rocked it.

I rocked the blue dress all day and received numerous compliments and I am not surprised, it might be the best dress I’ve ever worn for my shape, I looked like Sophia Loren all day, it was boobs and hiptastic.

I teamed it with knee-high suede boots, 70s gold jewellery, my best watch and my best handbag (leather, orange). I went to an exclusive meeting for Senior People where I presented New Projects that I invented without breaking a sweat, impressed the shit out of everyone and now they are talking about cutting my workload in other areas so that I can concentrate on New Stuff, because New Stuff brings new money into the business.

That is all. I think they are not tired of me yet, and as long as they let me do my thing, I am not tired of them. TLYW.

Chrissy Ward: Right & Exact (Stonebridge Mix)

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