Health and Safety

Day 53.

Me: I am exhausted and I am here day and night. It is pointless travelling across London twice a day just to sleep for a few hours and it is very expensive getting taxis at five in the morning and ten at night. Can I have the key to one of those empty guest rooms, please. I could sleep there.

Boss: Erm, no. Lots of reasons but mainly because Health and Safety will have a fit. I cannot condone you working those sorts of hours or be seen to condone it.

Me: Well, they would have a point, wouldn’t they. Meanwhile, I don’t see anyone relieving me of all this work ……….. have you got any suggestions?

Boss: It will get better after the first year.

Me: You are kidding me, right? I was counting on it getting better within 6 weeks.

Boss: ……..

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