Day 52

It is like this.

Weekends: I work 36 hours every single weekend, but at least I can do it from home. I am usually a mess on Monday mornings because I am functioning on 2 hours of sleep. The staff at the coffee shops here at work have learned to do me a custom recipe that we call Special Coffee with five times the usual amount of caffeine.

Weekdays: Get up at 4am. Arrive at work 6.30am. Work until 7.30 or 8pm. Arrive home 9pm, immediately go to bed.

Am losing weight because I only have the time or indeed the appetite to eat once a day.

I have not cleaned my house or opened the post in 52 days. An insurance company that I was trying to buy a pension from doesn’t want to do business with me any more because I don’t reply to their messages.

Also I was wrong about getting a day off on Day 85, it isn’t day 85, it will be day 96, which is a Saturday at the beginning of December.

I am tired and short-tempered.

Now I need to do some more work because it is 6.47am already.

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